Sunday, January 20, 2008

Art With a Single Sheet of Paper

Do you feel there is an artist inside of you just bursting to get out, but you don't know where to start? Why not start with a piece of paper?

The pictures below were entries in a contest - date unknown - at the Hirshhorn Museum and Scupture Garden, the Smithsonian's museum of international modern and contemporary art in Washington, D.C.

Each artist was allowed to use only one sheet of paper per piece of artwork.

Note: The images below came to me in an e-mail. I did a fairly exhaustive search on the internet for anyone claiming a copyright on these images. I found these images posted on other Blogs, but nobody claimed ownership. For this Blog, these images are intended only to entertain and, perhaps, inspire.

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Smriti said...

Wow! This is superb!

Roberta J. Morris said...

I, too, received some of these images by email. I wanted to share this beautiful art with friends without sending a huge message, so I found the blogowogo link and forwarded it. (Later I followed its link to Random Acts; it looked like you had a larger number of photos.) In my message to my friends, I expressed doubt about both the CONTEST and the HIRSHHORN aspects of the story because 1. these looked like the work of a single artist, and 2. the HIRSHHORN Museum's site had nothing about a contest. (It has no search engine that I could find, either, though, so that was not a definitive piece of evidence.)

My friend Nancy 3. Hoffman, who is a better internet sleuth than I am, discovered the real ONE artist, or anyway, an artist's site that appears totally genuine and has many more papercut works of art. It's

Roberta J. Morris

David Boni said...

Super slick and totally inspiring. I'd go crazy trying to cut out little hands for those skeletons.

Looking through the link to the single artist's portfolio posted by Roberta... really impressive!