Sunday, March 2, 2008

Is That Chip on Your Shoulder a Political Agenda or a Race Card?

Some people just need to have something to complain about. I wish they would stop, because my head hurts from spinning around so much in utter awe at the pettiness of it all. The Washington Post had a story that proves my point.

Apparently, there is a minor stink on the internet, because of the fact that Saturday Night Live is using the white-Asian comedian, Fred Armisen, to play Barack Obama in its sketches. Hey, he does a great impersonation and he’s funny. No one complained when he played Prince. And, no one complained when Darrell Hammond played Rev. Jesse Jackson for years. The hypocrisy can only be attributed to the political agendas of the complainers. Politics just seems to bring out the best in people ;) If you saw the show earlier tonight, you certainly wouldn’t think they were Obama bashing. Hillary Clinton definitely got the less favorable role in the opening skit. My impression was that SNL put on an equal opportunity show when it came to mocking the two candidates.

I don’t recall anyone complaining when Eddie Murphy played the old Jewish guy in the Barber Shop scenes. He was just damn funny! So to all of the complainers, I say, “Find something important to complain about, like the service at the drive through or why commercials are 10 times louder that the shows on TV.

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